Protect Your Brand

GeBe Cert proprietary technology utilizes HF compatible encrypted microchips which can be effectively, securely and discretely incorporated with any physically manufactured product. Upon integration of the microchip, the product is paired with the digital counterpart on the blockchain. Verification of authenticity is instantaneous with a simple tap or scan with any smart device.

Microchip Technology

HF compatible encrypted microchips which can be securely and discretely incorporated with any physically manufactured products.

For certificates, we can create a microchip embedded in a credit size card where the certificate can be displayed digitally on the blockchain.


The Blockchain

Brands are the sole issuer of product-pairings on the blockchain. This way, brands can ensure exactly how many authentic copies are released. Disingenuous manufacturers are no longer able to produce imitations that can be passed off as authentic.

The blockchain is used so that the data on products are secure and incorruptible.

Big Data

We are also helping brands collect important data about their products and customers. Imagine knowing the location of every scanned product and if your product has changed hands. For brands, we can provide a direct link to the end user as many products are sold through different outlets. This data can be used for analytics or direct connection with the end users.


Benefits of using GeBe Cert

People are losing faith in products because of counterfeiting. Low quality and dangerous products are being sold as genuine, disregarding the wellbeing and safety of others. Brands get a bad reputation because of counterfeited products and people are unable to sell their items on the secondary market. It gets more and more difficult for people to recognize counterfeits from the outside, but the quality of the products never lies. $2.8 trillion worth of goods are being counterfeited every year. One out of five products made in China is a counterfeit. Not only clothes, shoes and bags are being counterfeited, but also airbags, airplane parts and medicine are being counterfeited. This is a huge problem for businesses, politics and people internationally.


The blockchain keeps all the product data secure and cannot be hacked. 

Tracking Products

Every single product can be tracked via GPS. This can give brands valuable data.


Use this new channel to directly interact with your customers.


Get insights about your products like sales location and ownership transfers

Increase profits

Get an extra revenue stream by connecting with your end users.

Stop Counterfeit

Guarantee that your customers will experience the brand as promised. Make the world a safer and better place.

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Today, many anti-counterfeiting methods exist. Some of these include watermarks, security threads, invisible ultra-violet inks, color-shifting inks, holograms, product numbering, fluorescent fiber, and many others. Anti-counterfeiting is an endless game between counterfeiters and security specialists. Inevitably, all offline authentication methods become compromised, as long as a sufficiently large financial motive exists. Connect with us and we will help you find the technology that will suit your product

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Simply drop us a line and we can discuss your product & company needs. We will build you an APP that can suit your brand or provide the API so that your developers can integrate with our Blockchain.

We can tailor each microchip to suit your product needs.