The counterfeit industry is increasing year in and year out, at the moment it is estimated that around 19% of brands profits are lost. GebeCert technology system can help consumers to check the product before purchasing. For brands, we will provide data on all scanned products which will give valuable data on consumer behaviour such as location/date/product etc.
The guarantee to purchase a genuine product, never been opened, and to access a world of privileges offered by brands by simply tapping their product.
• The value of counterfeit goods globally exceeds $1.7 trillion • In the wine industry, experts estimate that 20% of wine sold worldwide is fake • 25% of imported European spirits in China is fake • Footwear (Percent of Total Seizures: 38%) • Consumer Electronics (12%) • Handbags/Wallets/Backpacks (8%) • Apparel(8%) • Watches (6%) • Computers/Hardware (5%) • Media (CDs and DVDs) (4%) • Pharmaceuticals (4%) • Jewellery (4%) • Toys/Electronic Games (2%)
• Fake labels : perfect copies and rough copies • Fake bottles • Re-filling : real bottles filled in with fake juice • Gray markets : bottles distributed outside their normal distribution channel
At present you can use any Android smartphone equipped with NFC. See here full list of compatible phones: http://www.nfcworld.com/nfc-phones-list And iPhone : model 7 and above running IOS11 After downloading the GebeCert mobile application on the Google Play Store, place your smartphone against the. product. The tapping place may vary from one brand to another Once the product has been scanned, you can access its authentication in a few seconds, as well as other interactive services. You need to be connected to the internet via WiFi or mobile internet connection (3G or higher)
It depends on the volumes & type of tags. We have developed a pricing package, adapted to the market and in line with the guaranteed level of security. Please contact us for more information about the cost of the solution.
The chip will become altered and will self-destruct when it comes into contact with water or any variation in its environment. The Chip can be made with tamperproof material. Also if the person buys an original product then tries to transfer the chip is will make the orginal product invalid.The chip can neither be copied.
• Absolutely NOT. Each chip is encrypted (in order words, it changes its password every time after scanned). • If someone scans it more than 3 times within a short period of time from different location. E.G. someone scans it in USA and someone scans it in China within a short period of time. It would flag up the system and we will know exactly where these hackers are located by GPS. • Because each chip has a unique ID number and if hackers do want to copy it, they will need to buy one new product in order to produce one fake product. In other words, it won’t make sense for them to do that.
• GeBe Cert is 100% safe, can’t be copied & hacked and also can be used for logistics. • QR code and bar code are not safe at all; anyone can copy it within a second. • Holograms and QR code cannot be used for logistics. • All QR Code, holograms, and bar codes can be hacked.